Norio Nakata

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Although local area networks (LANs) are commonplace in hospital-based radiology departments today, wireless LANs are still relatively unknown and untried. A linked wireless reporting system was developed to improve work throughput and efficiency. It allows radiologists, physicians, and technologists to review current radiology reports and images and(More)
As operative procedures become more complicated, simply increasing the number of devices will not facilitate such operations. It is necessary to consider the ergonomics of the operating environment, especially with regard to the provision of navigation data, the prevention of technical difficulties, and the comfort of the operating room staff. We have(More)
In this study we have designed and created a data-fusion display that has enabled volumetric MIP image navigation using intraoperative C-arm CT data in the operating room. The 3D volumetric data reflecting a patient's inner structure is directly displayed on the monitor through video images of the surgical field using a 3D optical tracking system, a(More)
SUMMARY Recently there have been many efforts to investigate navigation technology and apply it in various clinical fields in which the target position in the surgical region is indicated during surgery. The objective is to facilitate an intuitive understanding of the surgical region by the surgeon, so that the accuracy of the surgery can be improved.(More)
To evaluate the practical usefulness of several types of the reporting system especially for radiologists, we have developed and employed several reporting systems. We categorized those reporting systems as follows (1) stand alone PC reporting system; (2) linked reporting system with PACS environment; (3) integrated three-dimensional (3D) imaging(More)
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