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– Dissipative particle dynamics (DPD) and multi-particle collision (MPC) dynamics are powerful tools to study mesoscale hydrodynamic phenomena accompanied by thermal fluctuations. To understand the advantages of these types of mesoscale simulation techniques in more detail, we propose new two methods, which are intermediate between DPD and MPC — DPD with a(More)
Dot arrays with diameter ranging from 80 to 245 nm are made of Co 80 Pt 20 films with large perpendicular anisotropy. Magnetic properties are investigated by detecting the anomalous Hall effect. The all arrays show angular dependence of remanent coercivity similar to coherent rotation. The result shows that reversal process is independent of dot diameter.(More)
In order to distinguish 18 Porphyra and Pyropia species, the present study employed polymerase chain reaction restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) analysis using mitochondrial DNA related to the ATP synthase F0 subunit 6 (ATP6) gene and partial mitochondrial DNA including trnC, rps11, sdh3, trnG, trnN, trnP, and rns. The two primer sets on(More)
We present a generic theory for the dynamics of a stiff filament under tension, in an active medium with orientational correlations, such as a microtubule in contractile actin. In sharp contrast to the case of a passive medium, we find the filament can stiffen, and possibly oscillate, or buckle, depending on the contractile or tensile nature of the activity(More)
Structural dynamics of a colloidal protein-mineral complex bestowing on calcium phosphate a high solubility in biological fluids 1(a) Network Structure of Poly(methyl methacrylate)-based Gels and Gel Electrolytes 1(a) Hydrodynamic effects in bicontinuous microemulsions measured by inelastic neutron scattering 1(a) Segmental dynamics of poly(methyl phenyl(More)
The switching fields and thermal stability of CoPt/Ru dot arrays with various dot thickness (5–20 nm) were experimentally investigated as a function of the dot diameter, , (130–300 nm). All dot arrays showed a single domain state, even after removal of an applied field equal to the remanence coercivity. The angular dependence of for the dot arrays indicated(More)
The magnetic properties of dot arrays made of CoPt/Ru perpendicular films (20 nm thickness) were examined as a function of Pt content. The CoPt dot arrays with a dot size of 140 nm showed a single domain state, after removal of the applied field equal to. decreased from 5.2 kOe to 3.0 kOe as the Pt content decreased from 20 at% to 14 at%. The angular(More)
We introduce a novel model for DNA condensation (whip-toroid transition) using the path integral method in the framework of the non-linear sigma model on a line segment. We show that some of its classical configurations exhibit toroidal forms, and the system has phase transitions from a whip to toroidal phases with a parameter c = W 2ì L 2π´2. We also(More)
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