Norio Kato

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LMNtal (pronounced " elemental ") is a simple language model based on graph rewriting that uses logical variables to represent links and membranes to represent hierarchies. The two major goals of LMNtal are (i) to unify various computational models based on multiset rewriting and (ii) to serve as the basis of a truly general-purpose language covering(More)
In order to make the best use of multimedia contents effectively, the crucial point is the structural analysis of the contents, in which several media processing techniques, including image, audio and text analyses, should be integrated. To understand utterances in videos in accordance with the scene, it is essential to recognize what object appears in the(More)
LMNtal is a simple language model based on the rewriting of hierarchical graphs that use logical variables to represent links. The two major goals of the model are (i) to unify various computational models featuring multisets and (ii) to serve as the basis of a truly general-purpose language covering various platforms ranging from wide-area to embedded(More)
[Purpose] This study verified that the smoothness of reaching movements is able to quantitatively evaluate the effects of two- and three-dimensional images on movement in healthy people. In addition, clinical data of cerebrovascular accident patients were also analyzed by the same method. [Subjects] Ten healthy adult volunteers and two male patients with(More)
[Purpose] The purpose of this study was to develop a new telerehabilitation system based on VR technology for training of paralyzed upper and lower extremities and poor balance in patients with stroke. Moreover, the effectiveness of the system was verified by analysis of the recovery of these patients. [Subjects] Five healthy persons and five people with(More)
We developed a tele-rehabilitation system to improve community rehabilitation for patients who are discharged early from hospital. The developed tele-rehabilitation system consists of devices designed to reduce the physical and economic burden on users while promoting optimum user movement. A Backend-as-a-Service cloud computing service was used for the(More)