Norio Fukumori

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OBJECTIVE C-reactive protein (CRP), inflammatory cytokines, and adipokines contribute to atherosclerosis, insulin resistance, and development of late-onset complication in patients with type 2 diabetes. We performed a systematic review to assess effects of exercise interventions on inflammatory markers/cytokines and adipokines. MATERIALS/METHODS We(More)
AIMS Our study's purpose was to perform a systematic review to assess the effect of supervised exercise interventions on lipid profiles and blood pressure control. METHODS We searched electronic databases and selected studies that evaluated the effect of supervised exercise intervention on cardiovascular risk factors in adult people with type 2 diabetes.(More)
BACKGROUND There is little evidence regarding long-term outcomes of locomotor dysfunction such as cardiovascular events, quality of life, and death. We are conducting a prospective cohort study to evaluate risk of cardiovascular disease, quality of life, medical costs, and mortality attributable to locomotor dysfunction. The present study determined(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the association between overactive bladder (OAB) symptom severity and falls and the contribution of OAB symptoms to falls in a community-dwelling population. DESIGN Cross-sectional study. SETTING 2 Japanese municipalities. PARTICIPANTS A total of 2505 residents aged over 40 years, who participated in health check-ups conducted in(More)
BACKGROUND Few studies have examined the prevalence of lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) in the general population. The purposes of this study were to estimate the prevalence of LSS and to investigate correlated factors for LSS in Japan. METHODS A questionnaire survey was performed on 4,400 subjects selected from residents aged 40-79 years in Japan by(More)
BACKGROUND no study has examined the longitudinal association between hand-grip strength and mental health, such as depressive symptoms. OBJECTIVE we investigated the relationship between baseline hand-grip strength and the risk of depressive symptoms. DESIGN a prospective cohort study. SETTING AND SUBJECTS a prospective cohort study with a 1-year(More)
BACKGROUND Tranexamic acid has been reported to be safer with topical administration than with intravenous administration in total knee arthroplasty. However, the most effective administration route of tranexamic acid in total hip arthroplasty remains controversial. This study compared the effectiveness of topical tranexamic acid administration with that of(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was designed to compare the association between the body mass index (BMI) and symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) in allegedly normal subjects undergoing regular medical checkups and subjects diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Additionally, the correlation between the BMI and GERD symptoms was(More)
RATIONALE, AIMS AND OBJECTIVES We developed a novel Internet-based blended learning programme that allows busy health care professionals to attain core competency in clinical research. This study details the educational strategies and learning outcomes of the programme. METHOD This study was conducted at Kyoto University and seven satellite campuses from(More)