Norio Aoyagi

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The location of brain regions essential for auditory language comprehension is an important consideration in the planning of neurosurgical procedures that involve resections within the dominant temporal lobe. Language testing during intraoperative and extraoperative cortical stimulation has been the primary method for localizing these regions; however,(More)
The characteristics of spinal epidural cavernous hemangioma without primary origin in the vertebral bone were evaluated in 54 patients including our new case. The 36 male and 18 female patients were aged 5 to 78 years (mean 47 years). Most lesions were in the thoracic spine (80%) and on the dorsal side of the spinal cord (93%). The clinical course was(More)
A method of induction of moderate hyperthermia with a plate heater and a direct current energy source was investigated in the VX-2 rabbit sarcoma model. The theoretical distribution of temperature in the rabbit brain was calculated under various heating conditions. The calculated temperatures coincided well with the temperatures of moderate hyperthermia(More)
Experience with Radio Isotope Myelography is reported here. 169Yb-DTPA as a tracer was intrathecally injected at lumbar region in twenty three patients with various spinal cord lesions. The first scanning is perfomed after comfirming by gamma-camera that the tracer reaches to the lesion, the second and the third scannings are done according to the ascending(More)
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