Norimasa Yafune

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We demonstrate an AlN/AlGaN high-electron-mobility transistor (HEMT) fabricated on a free-standing AlN substrate. A metal stack, composed of Zr/Al/Mo/Au, was found to show low contact resistivity for source and drain ohmic contacts. The fabricated AlN/AlGaN HEMT exhibited a maximum drain current of 38 mA/mm with a threshold voltage of -3.4 V. Negligible(More)
properties of AIGaN-channel HEMT fabricated on a free-standing A1N substrate, estimated at temperatures between 25 and 300°C. The AIGaNchannel HEMT exhibited significantly reduced temperature dependence in DC and RF device characteristics, as compared to those for the conventional A1GaN/GaN HEMT, resulting in larger values in both saturated drain current(More)
AlGaN-channel high-electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) on an AlN substrate have been fabricated for the first time. A maximum saturation current of 0.13A/mm at VGS =2V and a maximum transconductance of 25mS/mm were obtained. DC characteristics of AlGaN-channel HEMT and GaN-channel HEMT were comparatively examined at temperatures ranging from RT to 300oC.(More)
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