Norimasa Nishiyama

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Unusual electronic phase transitions in the A-site ordered perovskites LnCu3Fe4O12 (Ln: trivalent lanthanide ion) are investigated. All LnCu3Fe4O12 compounds are in identical valence states of Ln(3+)Cu(2+)3Fe(3.75+)4O12 at high temperature. LnCu3Fe4O12 with larger Ln ions (Ln = La, Pr, Nd, Sm, Eu, Gd, Tb) show an intersite charge transfer transition(More)
[1] Differential stresses in a cylindrical rock of polycrystalline Mg2SiO4 ringwoodite were measured at room temperature with pressures up to 10 GPa, axial strains in excess of 20%, and strain rates between 5 10 5 and 4 10 6 s , using the deformation-DIA coupled with monochromatic X-rays. The sample exhibited ductile behavior in axial shortening-lengthening(More)
A novel iron perovskite YCu3Fe4O12 was synthesized under high pressure and high temperature of 15 GPa and 1273 K. Synchrotron X-ray and electron diffraction measurements have demonstrated that this compound crystallizes in the cubic AA'3B4O12-type perovskite structure (space group Im3, No. 204) with a lattice constant of a = 7.30764(10) Å at room(More)
The supposed low viscosity of serpentine may strongly influence subduction-zone dynamics at all time scales, but until now its role could not be quantified because measurements relevant to intermediate-depth settings were lacking. Deformation experiments on the serpentine antigorite at high pressures and temperatures (1 to 4 gigapascals, 200 degrees to 500(More)
A 60-year-old male with elevated serum AFP levels is reported. Other tumor markers apart from AFP were normal. Serum AFP did not bind to Con A or Lentil-lectin by affinity chromatography. Abdominal ultrasonography, computed tomography and endoscopic retrograded cholangiopancreatography demonstrated a tumor extending from the body to the tail of the(More)
The oxygen evolution reaction that occurs during water oxidation is of considerable importance as an essential energy conversion reaction for rechargeable metal-air batteries and direct solar water splitting. Cost-efficient ABO3 perovskites have been studied extensively because of their high activity for the oxygen evolution reaction; however, they lack(More)
At near ambient conditions, CaIrO3 is isostructural with the high-pressure polymorph MgSiO3 “post-perovskite” (pPv). MgSiO3 pPv is thought to be a major phase in the earth's lowermost mantle. CaIrO3 can thus serve as an analog for studying deformation of the pPv phase under conditions achievable with a multi-anvil deformation apparatus. Here we study the(More)
A new apparatus has been developed for microtomography studies under high pressure. The pressure generation mechanism is based on the concept of the widely used Drickamer anvil apparatus, with two opposed anvils compressed inside a containment ring. Modifications are made with thin aluminum alloy containment rings to allow transmission of x rays. Pressures(More)
Silicon dioxide has eight stable crystalline phases at conditions of the Earth's rocky parts. Many metastable phases including amorphous phases have been known, which indicates the presence of large kinetic barriers. As a consequence, some crystalline silica phases transform to amorphous phases by bypassing the liquid via two different pathways. Here we(More)