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Transguttural Harmony in Gitksan : Its Development and Typological Implications
Rigsby (1986) states translaryngeal harmony is observed in Gitksan. But the data I obtained from Eastern Gitksan consultants suggests that it is not just translaryngeal: nonhigh vowels in the stemExpand
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*K in conflation theory: when a language has transguttural harmony
This paper tries to capture variations of vowel harmony in Conflation Theory (de Lacy (2002, 2004, 2006)). Expand
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Harmony in Gitksan
What types of consonants are transparent in vowel harmony in Gitksan has been little understood. Previous studies suggest that it is translaryngeal harmony, where the qualities of unstressed suffixalExpand
Bimodal schwa: Evidence from acoustic measurements
The question of whether schwa is targeted or targetless has been the subject of much debate (Browman et al., 1992; Browman and Goldstein, 1995; Gick, 1999, 2002). Gick (2002) found that there is aExpand
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