Noriko Takemura

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— This paper describes a view planning of multiple cameras for tracking multiple persons for surveillance purposes. When only a few active cameras are used to cover a wide area, planning their views is an important issue in realizing a competent surveillance system. We develop a multi-start local search (MLS)-based planning method which iteratively selects(More)
The life-long persistence of neuron production in the adult mammalian central nervous system was established at the end of the 20th century and since then, intensive studies have been carried out to determine the biological role of neuronal turnover in the mature brain. To date, evidence has been found of involvement in learning/memory function and(More)
Persistent neuron production in the adult CNS (adult neurogenesis) has been implicated in various brain functions such as learning/memory and mood control. Despite the widespread occurrence of neural stem/progenitor cells, active adult neurogenesis has been established only in two restricted regions. We explored in this study a previously overlooked(More)