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In order to assess the functional role of the parietal hand movement region, the anterior part of the lateral bank of the intraparietal sulcus (IPS), area AIP, in the visual guidance of hand grasping, we reversibly inactivated several parts of this area with microinjections of Muscimol in a monkey trained to grasp objects of different shapes, sizes and(More)
To clarify involvement of hypothalamic neuronal histamine in feeding circadian rhythm, we analyzed rat behavioral patterns using chemical probes which affect endogenous histaminergic activity. Sustained infusion of alpha-fluoromethylhistidine (FMH), a specific suicide inhibitor of a histamine-synthesizing enzyme, into the rat third cerebral ventricle(More)
OBJECTIVE Enhanced recovery after surgery is increasingly desired nowadays, and preoperative nutrient intake may be beneficial for this purpose. In this study, we investigated whether the intake of preoperative carbohydrate with amino acid (ONS) solution can improve starvation status and lipid catabolism before the induction of anesthesia. METHODS This(More)
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