Noriko Hanakawa

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Many of the non conventional software development methodologies (such as object-oriented analysis methodology) and tools (such as visual programming environment) have been applied in real life projects. These projects have been started without sufficient previous training given to the developers. An increment in the productivity has been seen as the(More)
This paper presents a way of applying the model "Learning Curve Based Simulation Model for Software Development" to industry. Although the model has a potential to estimate progress of software development, there are two problems when applying the model to industry. The first problem is that industrial managers don’t know what values they should give to the(More)
We propose a new Web browser supporting asynchronous communication with Web server computers like Ajax approach. When users access Web applications on our browser, the users can receive similar benefits from Ajax even if the Web applications do not adopt Ajax approach. The browser has a transferable function from normal HTML sources to Ajax codes
We view software development as a system of evolution consisting of the three elements: (1) artifacts, (2) individual developers, and (3) a community of developers. An individual’s determining what artifacts to contribute and how, with whom to communicate by asking or answering, and which role to play within the community affects the quality of software to(More)
In large scale software projects, developers make much software during long term. The source codes of software are frequently revised in the projects. The source codes evolve to become complex. Measurements of software complexity have been proposed, such as module coupling and logical coupling. In the case of the module coupling, even if developers copy(More)
Recently, agile software development methods are popular because software should be developed in a short period. However, conventional project management techniques are often not adaptable to such new development methodologies. Especially, progress and quality control of the document-based management does not fit the agile software development. Therefore, a(More)