Noriko Hanakawa

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Many of the non conventional software development methodologies (such as object-oriented analysis methodology) and tools (such as visual programming environment) have been applied in real life projects. These projects have been started without sufficient previous training given to the developers. An increment in the productivity has been seen as the(More)
Recently, agile software development methods are popular because software should be developed in a short period. However, conventional project management techniques are often not adaptable to such new development methodologies. Especially, progress and quality control of the document-based management does not fit the agile software development. Therefore, a(More)
In order to help knowledge acquirement and accumulation from past experiences, we propose a KFC (Knowledge Feedback Cycle) framework among engineers and researchers. Three tools (Empirical Project Monitor, Simulator, and Replayer) are used to circulate captured knowledge in KFC. The Project Replayer is a most characteristic tool used to review data of past(More)