Norikazu Suzuki

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The district of southern California is divided into small cubic cells. Each cell is regarded as a vertex of a random graph, when earthquakes with any values of magnitude occur therein. Successive earthquakes define an edge and a loop. Then, the seismic data are analyzed from the viewpoint of an evolving random network. It is found that the distribution of(More)
— The Internet is a complex system, whose temporal behavior is highly nonstationary and exhibits sudden drastic changes regarded as main shocks or catastrophes. Here, analyzing a set of time series data of round-trip time measured in echo experiment with the Ping Command, the property of " aftershocks " (i.e., catastrophes of smaller scales) after a main(More)
We examined the heart rate (HR) of subjects with spastic cerebral palsy (CP) in order to estimate exercise intensity while walking. The subjects were 17 subjects with CP (14.0 +/- 3.7 years of age) containing 7 subjects rated as level 1, 4 subjects rated as level 2, and 6 subjects rated as level 3 by the Gross Motor Function Classification System, and 7(More)
It has been reported that accuracy in the measured point of force application depends on the position and magnitude of load. The aim of this study is to investigate the error in measuring the body center of pressure in a standing posture with a force plate and to improve the accuracy by proposing a correction algorithm. The measurement of the point of force(More)