Norikazu Ikoma

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In this paper we consider the problem of extended object tracking. An extended object is modelled as a set of point features in a target reference frame. The dynamics of the extended object are formulated in terms of the translation and rotation of the target reference frame relative to a fixed reference frame. This leads to realistic, yet simple, models(More)
A new method for target tracking of multiple points on an object by using particle filter with its novel importance function is proposed. The assumptions are such that the number of points is fixed and known, and the association between points of object and observed points are unknown. There exists missing and clutter in observation process where which(More)
Text extraction in an image is a challenging task in the computer vision. Text extraction plays an important role in providing useful and valuable information. This paper discusses various approaches such as Adaptive Local Connectivity Map (ALCM), Expectation Maximization (EM), Maximization Likelihood (ML), Markov Random Field (MRF), Spiral Run Length(More)
Tracking of fingers image on omnidirection camera has been investigated which aims at developing of human friendly interface using fingers' gesture. Where the way of using the omnidirection camera is different from a normal usage in which the user holds the camera with his/her fingers and move them. The interface can use the motion of the fingers to(More)
A new method for 3D reconstruction from dynamic stereo image by using state estimation with particle filter is proposed. Associations of feature points between two images and 3D position of the feature points are estimated simultaneously by particle filter. It is due to the applicability of particle filter for non-linear and non-Gaussian state space model(More)