Norikazu Eguchi

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Photosynthetic traits of two-year-old Japanese larch seedlings (Larix kaempferi Carr.) grown at elevated CO2 concentrations were studied in relation to structural changes in the needles. Seedlings were grown at two CO2 concentrations, 360 (AC) and 720 (EC) μmol mol−1 at high and low nutrient supply rates, high N (HN) and low N (LN). The photosynthetic(More)
Though birch and alder are the common pioneer tree species which dominate in northeast Asia, little is known about the effects of the predicted increase in atmospheric CO2 concentrations ([CO2]) upon their photosynthesis in field conditions. To investigate this, we grew 2-year-old saplings of three Betulaceae species (Betula platyphylla var. japonica Hara,(More)
This study describes a capillary GC-MS method for the simultaneous determination of endogenous cortisol and cortisone and their 13C-labelled analogues, [1,2,4,19-13C4]cortisol (cortisol-13C4) and [1,2,4,19-13C4]cortisone (cortisone-13C4), in human plasma. [1,2,4,19-13C4,1,1,19,19,19-2H5]Cortisol (cortisol-13C4,2H5) and(More)
Water relations in woody species are intimately related to xylem hydraulic properties. High CO(2) concentrations ([CO(2)]) generally decrease transpiration and stomatal conductance (g(s)), but there is little information about the effect of atmospheric [CO(2)] on xylem hydraulic properties. To determine the relationship between water flow and hydraulic(More)
A non-destructive nitrogen (N) detector [Agriexpert PPW-3000 (PPW-3000)] is a useful device for rapid and non-destructive measurement of leaf N content. However, some studies find a poor correlation between the PPW-3000 reading and the actual leaf N content; the R2 value of the approximate equation was low. To improve the accuracy of N estimation, we(More)
Ectomycorrhizal composition and associated fungi affect the intra-specific ability of resistant black pines for physiological adaptation. Since Japanese black pine (Pinus thunbergii Parl.) forests have been widely devastated by pine wilt disease, several kinds of resistant black pines have been developed. Although all of the resistant black pines are the(More)
Elevated CO 2 concentration affected biomass partitioning in above-ground biomass, but size and number of water-conducting cells were unchanged in Larix kaempferi, Kalopanax septemlobus and Betula platyphylla. Using a Free-Air CO2 Enrichment (FACE) system, we studied the effect of elevated CO2 on the growth, leaf gas exchange and xylem anatomy of a conifer,(More)
A method is described for the preparation of multi-labeled cortisol and cortisone with (13)C and (2)H via the indan synthon method, starting from chiral 11-oxoindanylpropionic acid. [1, 3-(13)C(2)]Acetone was used for the syntheses of [1,2,4, 19-(13)C(4)]cortisol (cortisol-(13)C(4)) and [1,2,4, 19-(13)C(4)]cortisone (cortisone-(13)C(4)), and(More)
To predict the performance of coppice forests with Japanese oak (Quercus mongolica var. crispula) in future changing environment, we studied the growth, photosynthesis, and powdery mildew (Erysiphe alphitoides) infection of sprouts of Japanese oak under free-air CO2 enrichment. Elevated CO2 reduced powdery mildew infection in both leaves of the shoot(More)
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