Norikatsu Imoto

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Quantum game theory is a multidisciplinary field which combines quantum mechanics with game theory by introducing non-classical resources such as entanglement, quantum operations and quantum measurement. By transferring two-player-two strategy (2 × 2) dilemma containing classical games into quantum realm, dilemmas can be resolved in quantum pure strategies(More)
SUMMARY We discuss the division of radio resources in the time and frequency domains for wireless local area network (WLAN) devices powered with microwave energy. In general, there are two ways to avoid microwave power transmission (MPT) from influencing data communications: adjacent channel operation of continuous MPT and WLAN data transmission and(More)
There have been many studies on matrix-product-state (MPS) simulation of quantum computing for more than a decade [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]. Although it is widely believed to be unlikely, it is still an open problem if a practical simulation of a powerful quantum algorithm like Shor's factoring algorithm is possible. This situation is owing to the fact that not(More)
—In wireless sensor networks, individual nodes must be batteryless to make themselves maintenance-free, which is particularly important for networks that have an enormous number of nodes. Wireless and batteryless sensors can be powered by energy harvesting or wireless power transmission, and they store energy in capacitors. Microwave power transmission is a(More)
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