Norihisa Doi

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The reverse execution of programs is a function where programs are executed backward in time. A reversible debugger is a debugger that provides such a functionality. In this paper, we propose a novel reversible debugger that enables reverse execution of programs written in the C language. Our approach takes the <i>virtual machine based approach</i>. In this(More)
A|istract An extension of tile notion of "cen-tering" is described for illt erl)rcting zero-|)rOIlO[lllS ~llld OVOFL l)l'O[IOl[llS in lia, Lll-r;dly oCcllrring Japanese l:exl,, hi l)rcvi-ous work, Oile ZeFO-[)l'OllOIlll (~llcodo,q the t)ackward-looking center, with i)rollOllllS a, nd other zero-pronouns ha.ndh;d as if they were overtly expressed. All(More)
HoME is a version of Smalltalk which can be efficiently executed on a multiprocessor and can be executed in parallel by combining a Smalltalk process with a Mach thread and executing the process on the thread. HoME is nearly the same as ordinary Smalltalk except that multiple processes may execute in parallel. Thus, almost all applications running on(More)
The syntax of a requirement specification description language should be similar to the language in which the users think. We have developed a system called JISDOS in which a user can describe his requirements using a formalized Japanese language. The description language, called JPSL, is basically a translation of PSL with the syntactic characteristics of(More)