Norihiko Yoshida

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Pure peer-to-peer (P2P) networks is widely used, however they broadcast query packets, and cause excessive network traffic in particular. Addressing this issue, we propose a new strategy for content replication which prioritizes popular and attracting contents. Our strategy is based on replication adjustment, being cooperated with index caching, as well as(More)
Many service providers prepare multiple servers to cope with over loading. In such cases, the problem is how to select the best server. Existing mechanisms impose user extra eeort or have less exibility. In this paper, we describes exible and wide applicable server selection mechanism. We add server selection function to DNS. It can coordinate various(More)
Received Revised ABSTRACT Modeling environment is essential for agents to cooperate with each other in a distributed system. In this paper, we propose two strategies for selecting agents' communication structures in a cooperative search using their local histories as a model of their computational environment. Under the assumption of homogeneity of agents,(More)
SUMMARY With the rapid spread of information and ubiquitous access of browsers, flash crowds, a sudden, unanticipated surge in the volume of request rates, have become the bane of many Internet websites. This paper models and presents FCAN, an adaptive network that dynamically optimizes the system structure between peer-to-peer (P2P) and client-server (C/S)(More)
Applying design patterns to design of an application makes it robust against issues related to extensibility and maintainability. However, currently, a designer must apply structures and constraints of design patterns to an application by hand, therefore mistakes can occur often. We have proposed a notation using SGML for describing design patterns and a(More)
The Flash crowds are rapid increase in access to contents of web sites, which makes the web sites inaccessible, leaving the clients with unsatisfied requests. The major shortcoming of flash crowds researches is that they do not assist vital resizing feature of a cloud of the surrogates; the surrogates involved in the alleviation process do not change from(More)