Norihiko Sugimoto

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We propose an algorithm of blood vessel segmentation for MRA data in this paper. The generic region growing, as well as thresholding, is not appropriate to extract the whole part of the vessels on MRA data. This is because of the image property of the MRA, where the intensity of each pixel on the blood area depends on the amount of blood flow. Moreover,(More)
Detailed analysis of myocardial deformation through a whole cardiac cycle was accomplished using a tagging method with a high-density grid. Four sets of tagged images with a 4-mm-spacing grid were measured by generating four tagging pulses arranged at regular intervals in the cardiac cycle. Through each set of images, tag intersections were tracked(More)
We provide an overview of light detection and ranging (lidar) capability for describing and characterizing desert dust. This paper summarizes lidar techniques, observations, and fallouts of desert dust lidar measurements. The main objective is to provide the scientific community, including nonpractitioners of lidar observations with a reference paper on(More)
The passive dynamic control (ldquoPDCrdquo) is a new mechanical system control method based on inherently safe design, having energy-saving effect and high safety. The authors made an experimental setup (PDC pneumatic cylinder), pneumatic cylinders equipped with an electromagnetic friction brake and a load cell, respectively, and demonstrated the(More)
Unlike the polar vortices observed in the Earth, Mars and Titan atmospheres, the observed Venus polar vortex is warmer than the midlatitudes at cloud-top levels (∼65 km). This warm polar vortex is zonally surrounded by a cold latitude band located at ∼60° latitude, which is a unique feature called 'cold collar' in the Venus atmosphere. Although these(More)
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