Norihiko Saga

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Sensors are essential to the fulfillment of every condition of haptic technology, and they need simultaneously to sense shear stress as well as normal force, and temperature. They also must have a strong and simple structure, softness, and large extension. To achieve these conditions simultaneously, we enhanced the sensitivity of sensors utilizing natural(More)
The development of a robot which is gentle to people in nursing and welfare has been concerned about more and more toward the aged society. For a robot in often contact with people and requiring safety and flexibility in nursing and welfare, the development of a soft actuator that is compact and lightweight has been urged. In particular, robots, which are(More)
This article describes a mathematical model of a pneumatic artificial muscle reinforced by straight fibers. The pneumatic artificial muscle is lightweight and high power. In addition, it is possible for it to emit exhaust into the atmosphere because the transmission medium of its energy is air, and it needs neither a tank nor maintenance like hydraulic(More)
In Japan, since the Great Earthquake, attention has surrounded development of disaster victim relief activity using robots. Development of a robot that is adaptive to various environments in irregular places, rubble, and confined areas is needed. A wheel movement type robot, a robot in the shape of a snake, a crawler type robot and a multi-leg robot are all(More)
In recent years, the world has been confronting issues related to an aging society, population decrease, and shortages of young workers. Those trends point to the increased development of devices to support human. A device that involves any contact with people must be safe, lightweight, and flexible. Therefore, we developed a device using a pneumatic(More)
In recent years, Japanese society has been aging, creating a shortage of young workers. Robots are expected to be useful to perform tasks such as rehabilitation therapy, nursing elderly people and day-to-day work support for elderly people. In particular, robots that are designed for use in the fields of medical care and welfare must be safe for the human(More)