Norihiko Moriwaki

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A badge-shaped sensor and feedback system were developed. This system makes it possible to study human and organizational behavior in an office. By prompting changes in workers' behavior, it improves productivity as well as helps to solve individual's problems. Aiming to improve the productivity and quality of project management, the system was applied at a(More)
Development of big data analysis technologies has been highly competitive among companies and organizations. An artificial intelligence (AI) computer system, based on the basic idea of automating big-data analysis, called "H" is proposed and evaluated in this paper. It automates big-data analysis by creating hundreds of thousands of candidate features(More)
A new methodology called “sensor-based knowledge discovery”, which utilizes wearable sensors and statistical analysis, is proposed and evaluated. This methodology facilitates identifying new knowledge that can improve business outcome. It utilizes wearable sensors to unobtrusively capture people’s location, motion, and social interaction with others. The(More)
INTRODUCTION WE are moving beyond the 20th century era of mass production and mass consumption and are beginning to seek out new society for the 21st century. The 20th century is characterized by Taylor’s scientific management and mechanization of production, which has established methodologies of “logical analysis” and “adoption of IT.” However, the shift(More)
Kazuo Yano, Dr. Eng. Tomoaki Akitomi Koji Ara, Dr. Eng. Junichiro Watanabe, Dr. Eng. Satomi Tsuji Nobuo Sato, Ph.D. Miki Hayakawa Norihiko Moriwaki, Dr. Eng. OVERVIEW: Instead of the industrial production, which drove economic growth in the 20th century, the driver for growth in the 21st century is productivity in knowledge work and service businesses. For(More)
There is currently a big demand for automating big data analysis. In the data analysis field, data abstraction or summarization playes an important role in the extraction of generalized information from large scale data. We developped an artificial intelligence computer system with the aim of automating big data analysis and came up with a method that can(More)
OVERVIEW: IP networks have become an important communication infrastructure. Such services as virtual private networks (VPNs) for enterprises, electronic-commerce, and voice over IP are being deployed over them. Accordingly, the volume of traffic carried over IP networks is growing dramatically. To support this growth, higher speed line-interfaces and(More)