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This study evaluated the effects of oral administration of surface-deacetylated chitin nanofibers (SDACNFs) on hypercholesterolemia using an experimental model. All rats were fed a high cholesterol diet with 1% w/w cholesterol and 0.5% w/w cholic acid for 28 days. Rats were divided equally into four groups: the control group was administered 0.05% acetic(More)
  • Toshihiro Takamatsu, Kodai Uehara, Yota Sasaki, Miyahara Hidekazu, Yuriko Matsumura, Atsuo Iwasawa +5 others
  • 2015
Various gas atmospheric nonthermal plasmas were generated using a multigas plasma jet to treat microbial suspensions. Results indicated that carbon dioxide and nitrogen plasma had high sterilization effects. Carbon dioxide plasma, which generated the greatest amount of singlet oxygen than other gas plasmas, killed general bacteria and some fungi. On the(More)
Canine mammary gland tumors (CMGTs), which are the most common neoplasms in sexually intact female dogs, have been suggested as a model for studying human breast cancer because of several similarities, including relative age of onset, risk factors, incidence, histological and molecular features, biological behavior, metastatic pattern, and responses to(More)
BACKGROUND All of oral hamartomas has been previously found in mandibular gingiva in younger calves, and were histologically diagnosed as a vascular hamartoma. This is the first case report describing a calf with a mass in the maxillary gingiva that was histologically diagnosed as a nasal tissue-derived hamartoma. CASE PRESENTATION A 13-day-old male(More)
Plasma-free amino acid (PFAA) levels are a useful metric for diagnosing cancer and providing a prognosis. However, the use of analysis of PFAA levels has been limited in the veterinary medicine field. We addressed the application of liquid chromatography (LC) using a pre-column labeling technique for analysis of canine PFAA levels. This method significantly(More)
Ozonated water is easier to handle than ozone gas. However, there have been no previous reports on the biological effects of ozonated water. We conducted a study on the safety of ozonated water and its anti-tumor effects using a tumor-bearing mouse model and normal controls. Local administration of ozonated water (208 mM) was not associated with any(More)
  • Toshihiro Takamatsu, Kodai Uehara, Yota Sasaki, Miyahara Hidekazu, Yuriko Matsumura, Atsuo Iwasawa +4 others
  • 2015
The images for Figs 1 and 3 are incorrectly switched. The image that appears as Fig 1 should be Fig 3, and the image that appears as Fig 3 should be Fig 1. The figure captions appear in the correct order. Please see the correct Figs 1 and 3 here. Fig 1. A schematic of the plasma treatment system using a multigas plasma jet source. Copyright: © 2015(More)
  • Ikuko Ito, Toshikazu Yoneda, Yoshihiko Omura, Tomohiro Osaki, Shinsuke Ifuku, Hiroyuki Saimoto +8 others
  • 2015
Urocanic acid is a major ultraviolet (UV)-absorbing chromophore. Chitins are highly crystalline structures that are found predominantly in crustacean shells. Alpha-chitin consists of microfibers that contain nanofibrils embedded in a protein matrix. Acid hydrolysis is a common method used to prepare chitin nanofibrils (NFs). We typically obtain NFs by(More)
The aim of this study was to examine the effects of oral administration of chitin nanofibers (CNFs) and surface-deacetylated (SDA) CNFs on plasma metabolites using metabolome analysis. Furthermore, we determined the changes in gut microbiota and fecal organic acid concentrations following oral administrations of CNFs and SDACNFs. Healthy female mice(More)