Norifumi Hirata

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In this paper, we present an e-Participation Web system for various platforms and mobile phones, based on linked open data, classification and clustering. The system aims at supporting citizen e-Participation in ongoing regional debates by gathering and openly publishing news and opinions from the Web for easy comprehension and commenting. Our study helps(More)
Importance of concern assessment has been increased in Japanese regional communities. We have developed an e-Participation web platform based on a Linked Open Data set called SOCIA (Social Opinions and Concerns for Ideal Argumentation). To sophisticate text mining technologies for supporting concern assessment, building a corpus of public concerns is an(More)
We introduce an exploratory event mining system in social media. A system deals with user's interests by making use of interaction between user input and system output. The system presents related events in the form of graph structures called ``event graphs''. Event graphs based on users' interests are produced by iterating over event presentation and user(More)
We are developing an eParticipation web platform based on Linked Open Data that targets regional communities in Japan. To increase transparency and public participation, we aim to utilize web contents related to target regions for sharing public concerns among citizens, government officials, and experts. We have designed a Linked Open Data set called SOCIA(More)
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