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The effect of fermented skim milk (FSM) by Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota on plasma lipids in hamsters was examined. Hamsters fed on cholesterol-free and -enriched diets containing 30% FSM had lower levels of plasma triglyceride than those fed on the control diet. In the experiment with the cholesterol-enriched diet-fed hamsters, the plasma triglyceride(More)
Recently, the prevalence of allergies in Japan has been increasing. Certain types of fruit juice and lactic acid bacteria are known to alleviate allergic symptoms. Therefore, we examined whether citrus juice fermented by a specific lactic acid bacteria can improve the symptoms of Japanese cedar pollinosis (JCPsis). Lactobacillus plantarum YIT 0132 (LP0132)(More)
The effects of soy milk and fermented soy milk on lipid metabolism were studied in ovariectomized Syrian hamsters. Five mo-old Syrian hamsters were randomly assigned to four treatment groups: ovariectomized (OVX)+control diet (OVX-C); OVX+soy milk diet (OVX-SM); OVX+fermented soy milk diet (OVX-FSM); and sham-operated+control diet (Sham-C). The hamsters(More)
The effects of Chlorella regularis powder (CP) and Chlorella regularis indigestible fraction (CIF) on serum and liver lipid concentrations and on fecal steroid excretion were estimated in rats fed diets containing 5 g/kg cholesterol and 2.5 g/kg sodium cholate. The ingestion of 12.7% CP or 5.3% CIF did not influence food intake or growth. CP and CIF(More)
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