Noriaki Saito

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This article describes a rapid and facile method for manufacturing various size-controlled gel particles with utilizing inkjet printing technology. Generally, the size of droplets could be controlled by changing nozzle heads of inkjet printer, from which ink solution is ejected. However, this method uses drying process before gelling microparticles, and(More)
We used a combination of bone and bone-marrow scintigraphy to study 25 patients with prostatic cancer. Of the 18 cases whose 99mTc-methylene diphosphonate (MDP) bone scans showed hot spots in the lower lumbar region of the spine and/or the pelvic bone, 8 had normal bone-marrow scintigrams. These 8 patients were subsequently shown to have senile,(More)
The Direct Sampling Mixer (DSM) with complex coefficient transfer function is demonstrated. The operation theory and the detail design methodology are discussed for the 2-pararell architecture, which can achieve large image rejection by introducing the attenuation pole at the image frequency band. The proposed architecture was fabricated in a 65nm CMOS(More)