Noriaki Otomo

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Using direct chimpanzee inoculation as an assay method, we tested the abilities of the following chemical or physical treatments to inactivate hepatitis B virus in human plasma: 1% aqueous glutaraldehyde at 24 degrees C for 5 min, 0.1% aqueous glutaraldehyde at 24 degrees C for 5 min, 80% ethyl alcohol at 11 degrees C for 2 min, and heat at 98 degrees C for(More)
Overestimation of the plasma volume determined by the indocyanine green (ICG) dilution method (PV-ICG) may occur after burns, since this dye has the potential of extravasation in the presence of the capillary protein leakage. Assuming that the initial distribution volume of glucose (IDVG) consistently indicates the extracellular fluid volume of highly(More)
We report a case of a 33-year-old female who developed severe acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) after emergency hysterectomy for life-threatening atonic bleeding. A marked decline in pulmonary oxygenation was observed during the surgery, which led to a diagnosis of ARDS. Following admission to the intensive care unit, hypoxia became critical, with(More)
Effect of pirenzepine on gastric secretion during anesthesia and surgery was evaluated in 46 surgical patients ranged in age from 18 to 68 years. The patients underwent orthopedic, ophthalmic, ENT, plastic or non-abdominal general surgery under neuroleptanesthesia except two patients who had enflurane or isoflurane anesthesia. They received either(More)
Droperidol has been reported to cause bronchodilatation but its mechanism(s) of action is unknown. We have evaluated the spasmolytic effect of droperidol on histamine- and serotonin (5-HT)-induced bronchoconstriction in dogs. Bronchial cross-sectional area was assessed with a superfine fibreoptic bronchoscope. Twenty-eight mongrel dogs were allocated(More)
Two experiments were used to study the effect of supplementation of garlic meal (GM) or turmeric meal (TM) supplemented individually or in combination on growth performance, nutrient utilization and digesta pH in broilers fed nutrient-adequate diets. One-hundred and 50 d old Ross 308 were each used in Exp 1 and 2. The birds were allocated to 5 treatments in(More)
As the middle-ear cavity is one of the noncompliant gas-filled cavities, an increase in middle-ear pressure (MEP) instead of volume expansion is observed with inhalation of nitrous oxide (N2O). Changes in MEP cause many complications, such as ear pain, temporary hearing impairment, and postoperative emesis. Therefore, we investigated changes in MEP during(More)
In this study, we report the development and accuracy of a direct technique to measure airway calibre using a superfine fibreoptic bronchoscope. Ten mongrel dogs were anaesthetized with pentobarbitone and the trachea intubated with a tracheal tube; the small lumen of the tube allowed passage of a superfine fibreoptic bronchoscope (od 2.2 mm). Bronchial(More)
Expired nitrous oxide from patients in the recovery room is considered to be the major source of air pollution. We measured expired concentrations of nitrous oxide in three patients and three volunteers. After only 5 minute inhalation of 50% nitrous oxide, it took over 2 hours for exhaled N2O concentration to decrease to 25 ppm in volunteers and after 30(More)