Noriaki Kaneda

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In this paper, we propose a soft-decision-based FEC scheme which is the concatenation of a non-binary LDPC (NB-LDPC) code and hard-decision FEC code having a compatibility with existing OTU-4 frame structure. The proposed concatenated NB-LDPC + RS frame structure is also provided and the entire frame size is 18,368 bytes. The proposed NB-LDPC(2304,2048)(More)
In the last few years, remarkable progress has been made in ultrafast, and high-speed, high power photodetectors, as reviewed in [ 1,2]. In terms of applications, the high-speed photodetectors can be divided into four general different categories: (1) high-speed digital communication systems, (2) RF photonic systems, (3) ultrafast optoelectronic sampling,(More)
—Millimeter-wave generation by photomixing at 1.55 m in long-wavelength velocity-matched distributed pho-todetector (VMDP) is experimentally demonstrated. The VMDP exhibits a dc responsivity of 0.25 A/W, a breakdown voltage of 7–9 V, and up to 15-mA dc photocurrent without damage. Millimeter-wave output powers of 21 dBm at 75 GHz and 24 dBm at 95 GHz were(More)
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