Noriaki Hashimoto

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Yuka Nakamura2
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2Matija Snuderl
2Yuka Nakamura
2Takuya Tanaka
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BACKGROUND Color consistency in histology images is still an issue in digital pathology. Different imaging systems reproduced the colors of a histological slide differently. MATERIALS AND METHODS Color correction was implemented using the color information of the nine color patches of a color calibration slide. The inherent spectral colors of these(More)
Cancer stem cells (CSCs) are thought to play important roles in therapy-resistance. In this study, we induced cancer stem-like cells from hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) cell lines using a unique medium, and examined their potential for resistance to anti-cancer drugs. The human HCC cell lines SK-HEP-1 (SK), HLE, Hep 3B, and HuH-7 were used to induce cancer(More)
OBJECTIVE The image quality in whole slide imaging (WSI) is one of the most important issues for the practical use of WSI scanners. In this paper, we proposed an image quality evaluation method for scanned slide images in which no reference image is required. METHODS While most of the conventional methods for no-reference evaluation only deal with one(More)
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