Norhayati Daud

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An efficient root induction system has been established for in vitro-regenerated Jatropha curcas L. shoots. Callus formation on shoots transferred to auxin containing medium was found to be a prominent and recurrent problem for rooting of in vitro-cultivated J. curcas. In particular, the type of auxins and cytokinins applied in the culture media were shown(More)
Efficient plant regeneration of Saintpaulia ionantha (African violet) has been obtained in the present study. MS medium supplemented with 1.0 mg L(-1) IAA and 2.0 mg L(-1) Zeatin resulted in 100% shoot regeneration and induced the highest number of shoots (average 15.0 +/- 0.8 shoots per explant) after being cultured for 8 weeks. The above hormone(More)
Nowadays, many researches were conducted in minimizing tissue culture technology due to the overhead of cost needed. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of using five kinds of organic additives at four level concentrations responsive to the number of shoots produced for eight weeks in culture. Stem segment explants of Celosia sp. were(More)
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