Norhani Abdullah

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A study was conducted to determine the effects of adherent Lactobacillus culture on growth performance, intestinal microbial population, and serum cholesterol level of broilers. Four dietary treatments, consisting of the basal diet (control), basal diet + 0.05, 0.10, or 0.15% Lactobacillus culture (LC), were fed to 2,000 Arbor Acres broiler chicks from 1 to(More)
Twelve Lactobacillus strains isolated from chicken intestine, which demonstrated a strong and moderate capacity to adhere to the ileal epithelial cells in vitro, were used to investigate their inhibitory ability against five strains of salmonella, i.e. Salmonella enteritidis 935/79, Salm. pullorum, Salm. typhimurium, Salm. blockley and Salm. enteritidis(More)
A study was carried out to investigate the effects of adherent Lactobacillus cultures on 1) amylolytic, lipolytic, and proteolytic enzyme activities in the contents of the small intestine (from the distal end of the duodenum to the ileocecal junction) and 2) bacterial beta-glucuronidase and beta-glucosidase activities in the intestinal contents and feces of(More)
1. The effects of a mixture of 12 Lactobacillus strains (LC) on the growth performance, abdominal fat deposition, serum lipids and weight of organs of broiler chickens were studied from 1 to 42 d of age. 2. One hundred and thirty-six 1-d-old male broiler chicks were assigned at random to two dietary treatments: a basal diet (control), and a basal diet with(More)
Single strains of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lact. fermentum, isolated from chicken intestine, were used to study in vitro interactions with Salmonella enteritidis, Salm. pullorum or Salm. typhimurium in an ileal epithelial cell (IEC) radioactive assay. Exclusion, competition and displacement phenomena were investigated by respectively incubating (a)(More)
A total of 46 Lactobacillus isolates obtained from chicken intestine were assessed on their ability to adhere to the chicken ileal epithelial cell (IEC) in vitro. Twelve out of the 46 isolates showed moderate to good ability to adhere to the IEC. Temperature (between 4 degrees C and 42 degrees C) did not affect attachment. Incubation (contact) time of 30(More)
Five strains of phytase-producing, gram-negative, non-spore-forming, non-motile, small, stout, rod-shaped, strictly anaerobic, fermentative bacteria were isolated from the rumens of cattle in Malaysia. All five strains had morphological, physiological and biochemical features in common. Although these strains had many physiological and biochemical(More)
Evaluation of abundantly available agro-industrial by-products for their bioactive compounds and biological activities is beneficial in particular for the food and pharmaceutical industries. In this study, rapeseed meal, cottonseed meal and soybean meal were investigated for the presence of bioactive compounds and antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, xanthine(More)
Twelve Lactobacillus strains isolated from chicken intestine were used to investigate acid and bile tolerance in vitro. Ten out of the 12 strains were slightly affected by 0.3% bile salts, showing a delay of growth (d) of 0.6-37.2 min compared with growth in control cultures. Two strains were not affected by the bile salts. Of the 12 strains, seven could be(More)
We evaluated the efficacy of supplementation of active Mitsuokella jalaludinii culture (AMJC) on the growth performance, nutrient use, and mineral concentrations in tibia bone and plasma of broiler chickens fed corn-soybean meal diets. Dietary treatments included low-nonphytate P (NPP) feed (containing 0.24% and 0.232% NPP for chicks from 1 to 21 and 22 to(More)