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The Healing Ritual Context of the Magunatip Dance of the Murut in Sabah, Malaysia
Magunatip is one of the most popular traditional dances among the Murut ethnic community in the Interior districts of Sabah, Malaysia. Once performed in healing rituals, the modern-day Magunatip isExpand
Preserving and Promoting Malay Folklores and Legends Using Interactive Motion Comic: The Fang King (Raja Bersiong)
The Malay folklore is something that our ancestor inherits to us for so long now. Nowadays, Malaysian folklore is beginning to fade from the face of our country due to the western media that’sExpand
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Sustaining Malay Comic Design: Transformation From Paper To Digital
In Malaysia, cartoon and comic arts is a branch of art that reflects the identity and the culture of this nation. The golden age of local cartoon and comic arts that occurred between the late 1970sExpand
A Study on Applicability of Sound Art as Therapy for Alzheimer's Patients
As Alzheimer's disease increases around the world with still no absolute medication to solve the problem, art has become the alternative treatment. Nevertheless, with sound art exploring publicExpand
Innovation in Wayang Kulit Storytelling using Digital Interactive Method
Technological advances enable the use of interactive interfaces in performances. This study gives a brief insight into the potential and challenges of using interactivity in recognizing characters inExpand
Understanding Educational Games Culture in Extending the Relationship between Graphic Appearance and Experiences among Malaysian Lower Secondary
Educational games provide a virtual environment for the students, particularly in an endeavour to increase student immersion, and this need of students satisfied with the visual aspect conditions ofExpand
Synthesizing an Angklung
This paper considers the spectral properties of the Angklung, an Indonesian musical instrument made from bamboo tubes that is popular throughout Southeast Asia. We have chosen three most significantExpand