Noreen Jamil

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—Linear relaxation is a common method for solving linear problems as they occur in science and engineering. In contrast to direct methods such as Gauss-elimination or QR-factorization, linear relaxation is inherently efficient for problems with sparse matrices as they are often encountered, for instance, in the application domain of constraint-based UI(More)
Constraints have played an important role in the construction of GUIs, where they are mainly used to define the layout of the widgets. Resizing behavior is very important in GUIs because areas have domain specific parameters such as form the resizing of windows. If linear objective function is used and window is resized then error is not distributed(More)
The Hildreth's algorithm is a row action method for solving large systems of inequalities. This algorithm is efficient for problems with sparse matrices, as opposed to direct methods such as Gaussian elimination or QR-factorization. We apply the Hildreth's algorithm, as well as a randomized version, along with prioritized selection of the inequalities, to(More)
In the field of real-time data warehousing semistream processing has become a potential area of research since last one decade. One important operation in semi-stream processing is to join stream data with a slowly changing diskbased master data. A join operator is usually required to implement this operation. This join operator typically works under(More)
—Many computer programs have graphical user interfaces (GUIs), which need good layout to make efficient use of the available screen real estate. Most GUIs do not have a fixed layout, but are resizable and able to adapt themselves. Constraints are a powerful tool for specifying adaptable GUI layouts: they are used to specify a layout in a general form, and a(More)