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Thirty years after oxygen isotope records from microfossils deposited in ocean sediments confirmed the hypothesis that variations in the Earth's orbital geometry control the ice ages, fundamental questions remain over the response of the Antarctic ice sheets to orbital cycles. Furthermore, an understanding of the behaviour of the marine-based West Antarctic(More)
Cells from the spleen, lymph node, peripheral blood and peritoneal exudate of mice treated with C. parvum were tested for their ability to inhibit tumour growth in vitro. The peritoneal exudate cells from C. parvum treated mice were extremely effective in inhibiting tumour growth whereas the spleen and peripheral blood cells were only moderately so. In(More)
The inhibitory effect of an i.v. or i.p. injection of C. parvum on intrastrain transplants of a mammary carcinoma in A/HeJ mice has been confirmed, and it has been shown further that C. parvum inhibits the growth of transplants of sarcomata induced with methylcholanthrene both in this strain (members of which lack the fifth component of complement) and in(More)
Local injection (i.e. injection at the site of tumour inoculation) of strains of C. Parvum which have a significant anti-tumour effect when given systemically (i.e. intravenously or, in the case of subcutaneous tumour transplant, intraperitoneally) strongly inhibits the growth of isogeneic transplants of a fibrosarcoma in intact CBA mice but has little or(More)
We report the first results of the LISA Pathfinder in-flight experiment. The results demonstrate that two free-falling reference test masses, such as those needed for a space-based gravitational wave observatory like LISA, can be put in free fall with a relative acceleration noise with a square root of the power spectral density of 5.2±0.1  fm(More)
Preliminary chronostratigraphy for the upper 700 m (upper Miocene – Pleistocene) of the AND-1B drillcore recovered from beneath the McMurdo Ice Shelf, Antarctica" (2007). Summary Chronostratigraphic data available for the preliminary age model for the upper 700 m for the AND-1B drill core include diatom biostratigraphy, magnetostratigraphy, 40 Ar/ 39 Ar(More)