Nordau D Kanigsberg

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OBJECTIVE High dose methotrexate (MTX) has been linked with bone loss in oncology patients. However, it is unclear whether longterm low dose MTX used in the treatment of inflammatory arthritis is associated with bone loss. We compared the effect of low dose MTX on bone density in prospectively recruited patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and(More)
BACKGROUND Alopecia areata is a nonscarring hair loss characterized by well-circumscribed patchy areas, most often on the scalp. The inflammatory cytokine tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha), has been connected with the development of alopecia areata in vivo; thus, the TNF-alpha inhibitors have been cited as possible treatments for this autoimmune(More)
BACKGROUND Since actinic superficial follicultis was first described in 1985, only three further cases have been published. The characteristics of this disease are monomorphous, superficial, follicular pustules that appear on the back, upper chest, and shoulders annually after the first sun exposure of the year. The lesions resolve on their own within 10(More)
BACKGROUND The number of dermatology residency positions in Canada has not reflected the growing workforce shortage. Until 2005, all dermatology residents at the University of Ottawa were committed to return to their funding area at the completion of their training. This has left Eastern Ontario with a critical shortage of dermatologists. OBJECTIVE To(More)
Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a chronic dermatosis requiring a stepwise and dynamic approach to management. The use of written action plans has been shown to improve outcomes in other chronic diseases that require a similar incremental approach. A systematic review was performed to evaluate the effect of a written eczema action plan (EAP) in AD management and(More)
Cutis marmorata telangiectatica congenita is an uncommon congenital vascular anomaly that is characterized by persistent, reticulated, violaceous pigmentation. We describe a female infant with vascular lesions consistent with this entity who was born to a mother with previously diagnosed systemic lupus erythematosus. Antinuclear antibodies and anti-Ro/SSA(More)
Central nervous system (CNS) and spinal cord tumors are not uncommon in patients with neurofibromatosis (NF); however, it is impossible to select patients with NF who are at a particularly high risk. Localized pruritus may be a clue to the presence of a spinal cord or CNS tumor. This is the first report of an infant with features of NF, whose presenting(More)
Oral isotretinoin has been reported to increase serum total triglycerides (TG), cholesterol (TC), phospholipids (TPL), apoprotein B (apo B), and to reduce high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C). To investigate the effects of isotretinoin on HDL, we measured HDL-C, HDL phospholipids (HDL-PL), apoprotein A1 (apo A-1), and HDL-C subfractions (HDL2-C and(More)