Norberto Garcia

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Interannual-to-decadal predictability of the Paraná river in South America is investigated by extracting near-cyclic components in summer-season streamflows at Corrientes over the period 1904–1997. It is found that oscillatory components with periods of about 2–5, 8 and 17 years are accompanied by statistically significant changes in monthly streamflow.(More)
Detection of emotion in humans from speech signals is a recent research field. One of the scenarios where this field has been applied is in situations where the human integrity and security are at risk. In this paper we are propossing a set of features based on the Teager energy operator, and several entropy measures obtained from the decomposition signals(More)
A few aspects of spatial variability, connected with climate variability, in the Rio de la Plata basin are analysed through changes in the basin runoff considered as indicative of the annual integrated precipitation. Those changes contain better information on climate variability than the sparse records of precipitation and temperature in view of the high(More)
Automatic emotion recognition considering speech signals has attracted the attention of the research community in the last years. One of the main challenges is to find suitable features to represent the affective state of the speaker. In this paper, a new set of features derived from the wavelet packet transform is proposed to classify different negative(More)
In this paper, a comprehensive time domain model for a wind park, suitable for stability analysis, is presented. The wind generator is modeled with a reduced order model for an asynchronous machine, whilst the wind turbine model takes into account the dimension of the turbine, the rotor blade and blade pitch angle. Each wind generator incorporates a STATCOM(More)
Automatic recognition of emotions in speech has attracted the attention of the research community in recent years. Some of the most relevant proposed applications of it are in call-centers. In these scenarios the speech is distorted by compression algorithms. The effects of such distortion on the performance of systems for automatic recognition of emotions(More)
The estimation of the fundamental frequency (F0) in speech is a very important task that has been addressed by many researchers. F0 estimation can be used to separate two kind of frames from an utterance, those where the vocal folds vibrate (voiced sounds) and those where not (unvoiced sounds). The methods used to estimate F0 are affected by the presence of(More)
Sepsis, a critical bacterial infection of the bloodstream, is a serious cause of illness in neonatal period in both premature and at term newborns. It is important to look for parameters that can help earlier detection of sepsis in the newborn. Previous studies have shown that Heart Rate Variability is reduced when associated with sepsis and diminish the(More)
Monitoring animal species by means of the automatic sound recognition is nowadays a research field of high interest. One of the challenges of this area lies in the segmentation of the species vocalizations. Recordings acquired in natural habitats are contaminated with the sounds emitted by other species and different kinds of background noise. If the data(More)