Norberto Garcia

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We did a brief description of the climatic behavior and after this we analyzed the temporal variation in the total number of days a year with rainfall and the number of days a year with rainfall above the 100 mm threshold at the rain gauging stations in northeastern Argentina south of the La Plata River basin. The results show an increase both in the(More)
Interannual-to-decadal predictability of the Paraná river in South America is investigated by extracting near-cyclic components in summer-season streamflows at Corrientes over the period 1904–1997. It is found that oscillatory components with periods of about 2–5, 8 and 17 years are accompanied by statistically significant changes in monthly streamflow.(More)
A few aspects of spatial variability, connected with climate variability, in the Rio de la Plata basin are analysed through changes in the basin runoff considered as indicative of the annual integrated precipitation. Those changes contain better information on climate variability than the sparse records of precipitation and temperature in view of the high(More)
In this paper, a comprehensive time domain model for a wind park, suitable for stability analysis, is presented. The wind generator is modeled with a reduced order model for an asynchronous machine, whilst the wind turbine model takes into account the dimension of the turbine, the rotor blade and blade pitch angle. Each wind generator incorporates a STATCOM(More)
Right ventricular hypertension (RVH) is an entity that could be expected in various cardiopulmonary diseases. Mechanical obstruction to the right ventricle outflow tract is a cause of RVH. We present the case of a 69 year-old male with a history of hepatocarcinoma previously treated. The developed RVH due to mechanical obstruction secondary to metastatic(More)
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