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The development of new and effective adjuvants may play a fundamental role in improving HIV vaccine efficacy. New classes of vaccine adjuvants activate innate immunity receptors, notably toll like receptors (TLRs). Adjuvants targeting the C-Type lectin receptor DC-SIGN may be alternative or complementary to adjuvants based on TRL activation. Herein we(More)
The synthesis of phenylene-ethynylene rods and their use as rigid spacers is described. Alternation of a Sonogashira reaction and silyl group cleavage was used to obtain rigid spacers with even and odd numbers of phenylene units. Preliminary applications of these rods in divalent systems are shown. Inhibition studies with Pseudomonas Aeruginosa lectin LecA(More)
DC-SIGN antagonists were designed combining one selective monovalent glycomimetic ligand with trivalent dendrons separated by a rigid core of controlled length. The design combines multiple multivalency effects to achieve inhibitors of HIV infection, which are active in nanomolar concentration.
Previous studies have indicated the antitumoral effect of human melanocytes, human melanoma cell lines expressing CB1 receptor (CB1), and of the peritumoral administration of endocannabinoids. In the present study, we systematically screened several human melanoma cell lines for the expression of CNR1 and demonstrated transcription of the authentic gene.(More)
Nowadays, the spreading and development of multi-access mobile devices together with the proliferation of different radio access technologies make possible to users to actively benefit from the advances of heterogeneous and overlapping wireless networks. This fact and the varying characteristics of mobile applications in means of the required network(More)
Novel mobile healthcare (mHealth) services can actively benefit from the advantages of heterogeneous vehicular networks in Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) by transferring various medical data between drivers/passengers and the designated healthcare infrastructure or medical experts. Even real-time mobile medical multimedia transmission can(More)
In the era of primary vaccination against HPV and at the beginning of the low prevalence of cervical lesions, introduction of screening methods that can distinguish between low- and high-grade lesions is necessary in order to maintain the positive predictive value of screening. This case-control study included 562 women who attended cervical screening or(More)
ITS comprises any information and communication technologies applied to transport infrastructures for improving the performance of traffic management and warning systems, productivity and efficiency of ITS services. Benefits of ITS can be further enhanced if ITS entities continuously communicate with each other and exchange relevant information using(More)