Norbert Toth

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One of the main factors driving object-oriented software development in the Web-age is the need for systems to evolve as user requirements change. A crucial factor in the creation of adaptable systems dealing with changing requirements is the suitability of the underlying technology in allowing the evolution of the system. A reflective system utilizes an(More)
The ALICE data acquisition system has been designed to support an aggregate event-building bandwidth of up to 2.5 GByte/s and a storage capability of up to 1.25 GByte/s to mass storage. A general framework called the ALICE Data Acquisition Test Environment (DATE) system has been developed as a basis for prototyping the components of the DAQ. DATE supports a(More)
One of the main factors driving object-oriented software development for information systems is the requirement for systems to be tolerant to change. To address this issue in designing systems, this paper proposes a pattern-based, object-oriented, description-driven system (DDS) architecture as an extension to the standard UML four-layer meta-model. A DDS(More)
INTRODUCTION We describe the ultrasonographic findings of sciatic nerve endometriosis. METHODS Two premenopausal women with catamenial sciatica symptoms were examined, the first without a history of endometriosis, the second with previously confirmed endometriosis of the ovary. Ultrasonography, extending from the sciatic notch to the level of the ischial(More)
Software systems are increasingly impinging on new areas in everyday life; competitive market conditions mean that the requirements for such software are subject to frequent change. As a result, there is an increasing need for fast and flexible software development. Meta-objects can be used in multi-layered description-driven systems to represent various(More)
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