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Logic soft errors are radiation induced transient errors in sequential elements (flip-flops and latches) and combinational logic. Robust enterprise platforms in sub-65nm technologies require designs with built-in logic soft error protection. Effective logic soft error protection requires solutions to the following three problems: (1) Accurate soft error(More)
This study assesses the reliability risk due to radiation-induced single event upsets (SEU) of clock nodes for flip flop and pulse latch based designs. Two basic upset modes are identified: radiation-induced clock jitter and radiation-induced race. Our simulation results indicate that the radiation-induced clock soft error rate (SER) cannot be neglected on(More)
In this paper, we introduce an approach for computing soft error susceptibility of nodes in large CMOS circuits at the transistor level. The node sensitivity depends on the electrical, logic, and timing masking. An efficient technique is developed to compute the electrical masking of nodes from the characterization tables and the inverse pulse propagation.(More)
This paper presents an overview of the Built-In Soft Error Resilience (BISER) technique for correcting soft errors in latches, flip-flops and combinational logic. The BISER technique enables more than an order of magnitude reduction in chip-level soft error rate with minimal area impact, 7-11% chip-level power impact, and 1-5% performance impact (depending(More)