Norbert Schuler

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An electromagnetic position tracking device was evaluated to determine its static and dynamic accuracy and reliability for applications related to measuring in vivo joint kinematics. The device detected the position and orientation of small coiled sensors, maintained in an electromagnetic field. System output was measured against known translations or(More)
A permanently polymer-immobilised version of Schrock's molybdenum catalyst was realised via polymerisation of chiral 5,5'-bis(norborn-5-ene-2-ylmethyleneoxymethyl)-3,3'-di-tert-butyl-6,6'-dimethylbiphen-2,2'-diol followed by reaction with the catalyst precursor Mo(N-2,6-i-Pr2C6H3)(CHCMe2Ph)(OSO2CF3)2(CH3OCH2CH2OCH3); using this 5-, 6- and 7-membered(More)
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