Norbert Rohm

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The highly specific beta-adrenoceptor radioligand, (+/-)-[125I]iodocyanopindolol, has been used to subclassify beta-adrenoceptors in membranes from human right atrial appendage obtained during open heart surgery. Binding of (+/-)-[125I]iodocyanopindolol was saturable (Bmax = 86.4 +/- 7.4 fmol (+/-)-[125I]iodocyanopindolol bound/mg protein, n = 4), of high(More)
Superfused strips of the human saphenous vein preincubated with 3H-noradrenaline were used to investigate the influences of serotonin (5-HT) receptor agonists and antagonists on the electrically evoked tritium overflow. 5-HT and the preferential 5-HT1A receptor agonist 8-OH-DPAT [8-hydroxy-2-(di-n-propylamino)tetralin] concentration-dependently inhibited(More)
On the isolated electrically driven muscle strip of human right atrial appendages the beta-adrenoceptor subtypes mediating the positive inotropic effects of isoprenaline, dobutamine and procaterol were characterized using the beta 1-selective antagonist bisoprolol and the beta 2-selective antagonist ICI 118,551. The three agonists induced(More)
We investigated properties of catecholamine-sensitive adenylate cyclase in membranes from human right atria. Basal adenylate cyclase was activated by Mg2+-ions and guanyl nucleotides [Gpp(NH)p, GTP] in a concentration-dependent manner; guanyl nucleotide activation was strongly dependent on the presence of Mg2+-ions. Catecholamines stimulated adenylate(More)
Strips of human saphenous veins were incubated with [3H]noradrenaline and subsequently superfused with physiological salt solution containing cocaine, corticosterone and propranolol. The electrically (6 Hz) evoked overflow of tritium (78% of which was accounted for by unmetabolized [3H]noradrenaline) was abolished by tetrodotoxin or omission of Ca2+ from(More)
In isolated electrically driven right auricular strips of human hearts (1 Hz at 37 degrees C) the ability of the endogenous catecholamines noradrenaline, adrenaline, and dopamine to mediate positive inotropic effects by stimulation of myocardial alpha-adrenoceptors was investigated. 1. The concentration-response curve for the positive inotropic effect of(More)
SUMMARY. The highly specific /S-adrenoceptor radioligand, (±)-[ 12! I]iodocyanopindolol, has been used to subclassify /S-adrenoceptors in membranes from human right atrial appendage obtained during open heart surgery. Binding of (±)-[ 125 I]iodocyanopindolol was saturable (Bu,, = 86.4 ± 7.4 fmol (±)-[ 125 I]iodocyanopindolol bound/mg protein, n = 4), of(More)