Norbert Roessler

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The application of the Matrix 96, a direct beta counter, to monitor cell-mediated lympholysis assays (CML) was investigated. Until now, the gamma rays emitted from 51Cr, released in the supernatant of the sample following lysis of targets by effector cells, were read in gamma counters using individual tubes for each sample. The Matrix 96 has been designed(More)
The loss of 18O from labeled CO2 caused by the exchange of oxygen with water, a process catalyzed by carbonic anhydrase, has been measured in suspensions of rat erythrocytes at pH 7.4 and 25 percent C. The rate of loss of 18O from all CO2 and the rate of loss of 18O from doubly-labeled CO2 are shown to be related to the rate constant for the catalyzed(More)
The Zn 2s and 2p core level binding energies of ZnO and a few Zn oxo compounds containing Zn in its oxidation state +2 were calculated by means of wave function based quantum chemical ab initio methods. The computations were performed at two levels of approximation. First, Hartree-Fock calculations were carried out for the ground state of the neutral(More)
To assess the cytotoxic activity of immune cells, we have developed a51Cr-retention assay in which the radioactivity retained by51Cr-labeled target cells, following coincubation with cytotoxic cells, is monitored using the automated Matrix 96 beta counter. The Matrix 96 is designed for simultaneously counting 96 samples isolated from a 96-well microplate.(More)
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