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— Intercell interference coordination (ICIC) in orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA) networks in general and in the 3GPP Long Term Evolution system in particular has received much attention both from the academia and the standardization communities. Understanding the trade-offs associated with ICIC mechanisms is important, because it helps(More)
PURPOSE Patients with spina bifida are at a high risk for having an immediate type allergy to latex products. The number of surgical interventions, atopy and catheterization are well known responsible factors, whereas the condition of spina bifida per se has not been established as an independent risk factor. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 131 patients(More)
HINTERGRUND: Der Terminus Histamin-Intoleranz steht für eine ganze Reihe von Symptomen an unterschiedlichen Effektororganen, die nach dem Genuss Histamin-reicher Nahrung auftreten. Das Studienziel war, Histamin-assoziierte Beschwerden durch die Provokation mit einer standardisierten Menge an Histamin zu objektivieren und zu quantifizieren und zu prüfen, ob(More)
BACKGROUND Severe anaphylaxis to honeybee or vespid stings is associated with a variety of risk factors, which are poorly defined. OBJECTIVE Our aim was to evaluate the association of baseline serum tryptase concentrations and other variables routinely recorded during patient evaluation with the frequency of past severe anaphylaxis after a field sting. (More)
BACKGROUND Severe side effects during venom immunotherapy (VIT) are associated with a variety of risk factors. OBJECTIVE Our aim was to evaluate the association of baseline serum tryptase concentration (BTC) and of other parameters, which are routinely recorded during patient evaluation, with the frequency of severe reactions requiring an emergency(More)
Device-to-device (D2D) communications underlaying a cellular infrastructure has recently been proposed as a means of increasing the resource utilization, improving the user throughput and extending the battery lifetime of user equipments. In this paper we propose a new distributed power control algorithm that iteratively determines the(More)
BACKGROUND IL-12 is a crucial factor in the development and course of allergic diseases. By virtue of their IL-12 production, dendritic cells (DCs) are potent inducers of T(H)1 responses. However, distinct subsets of DCs have also been shown to induce T(H)2 differentiation. OBJECTIVE We hypothesized that DCs from atopic and nonatopic individuals might(More)