Norbert Marienhoff

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AIM For prophylactic measures we used 3 different temporarily insertable vena cava filters. MATERIAL AND METHODS In 49 patients we inserted 12 Cook-filters (6 transjugular, 6 transfemoral), 11 Angio-cor-filters (1 transjugular, 10 transbrachial), 26 Antheor-filters (1 transjugular, 1 transfemoral, 24 transbrachial). 35 patients underwent a lysis therapy,(More)
Carbon dioxide digital subtraction angiography Carbon dioxide (CO2) digital subtraction angiography offers the possibility for diagnostic and interventional angiographic procedures in high risk patients for ionidated contrast material. As a gaseous contrast agent its physicochemical properties have special requirements concerning the radiologists knowledge,(More)
Within the last 18 months we examined 130 patients with known complications or contraindications using iodinated contrast media for angiography by using carbon dioxide as contrast agent in digital subtraction angiography technique. These were diagnostic pelvis-leg angiographies (n = 106) with simultaneous consecutive interventional radiologic therapy in 68(More)
A total of 419 real-time and duplex Doppler ultrasound examinations of renal allografts were carried out in 61 patients. Results were related to the clinical diagnoses based on histomorphological, clinical, and laboratory findings. The results of all sonographic examinations in terms of the diagnostic parameters of normal function, acute tubular necrosis,(More)
In the early postoperative period after renal transplantation 388 follow-up ultrasound examinations were performed in 77 patients. Over a period of 18 months standardized duplex indices (resistive index, pulsatility index) and gray-scale parameters (parenchyma/sinus index; medulla/cortex index) were sampled. These data were correlated retrospectively with(More)
In 41 patients with deep vein thrombosis which had been demonstrated by duplex sonography, non-enhanced CT was performed at various levels before phlebography was carried out. Clots judged clinically to be fresh (1-7 days) show predominantly hyperdense thrombus material (60-80 Hu). With longer histories, on the other hand, the majority of thrombi were(More)
The role of the kidney tubules in the renal formation of erythropoietin is incompletely understood. Therefore, the capability to produce erythropoietin in response to hypoxia was studied in rats with tubular lesions. Nephron damage was induced in two different ways. First, rats were treated with the nephrotoxic aminoglycoside gentamicin (67.5 mg/kg and day)(More)
In a prospective study 113 extremities of 98 patients with suspected lower extremity deep venous thrombosis were examined by duplex sonography and phlebography. In 66 examinations phlebography demonstrated fresh thromboses which were limited to the calf in 14 cases. In all other cases thrombosis was partially or totally localized above the knee. Duplex(More)