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Size-resolved and bulk activation properties of aerosols were measured at a regional/suburban site in the North China Plain (NCP), which is occasionally heavily polluted by anthropogenic aerosol particles and gases. A Cloud Condensation Nuclei (CCN) closure study is conducted with bulk CCN number concentration (N CCN) and calculated CCN number concentration(More)
Measurements of ozone and its precursors conducted within the HaChi (Haze in China) project in summer 2009 were analyzed to characterize volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and their effects on ozone photochemical production at a suburban site in the North China Plain (NCP). Ozone episodes, during which running 8-h average ozone concentrations exceeding 80(More)
The hygroscopic properties of submicron aerosol particles were determined at a suburban site (Wuqing) in the North China Plain among a cluster of cities during the period 17 July to 12 August, 2009. A High Humidity Tandem Differential Mobility Analyser (HH-TDMA) instrument was applied to measure the hygroscopic growth factor (GF) at 90%, 95% and 98.5%(More)
Visibility degradation is a pervasive and urgent environmental problem in China. The occurrence of low visibility events is frequent in the North China Plain, where the aerosol loading is quite high and aerosols are strongly hy-groscopic. A parameterization of light extinction (K ex) for low visibilities on hazy days is proposed in this paper, based on(More)
A new method to determine the mixing state of light absorbing carbonaceous using the measured aerosol optical properties and number size distributions Abstract. In this paper, the mixing state of light absorbing carbonaceous (LAC) was investigated with a two-parameter aerosol optical model and in situ aerosol measurements at a regional site in the North(More)
In this paper, the diurnal variations of aerosol optical properties and their influences on the estimation of daily average direct aerosol radiative effect (DARE) in the North China Plain (NCP) are investigated based on in situ measurements from Haze in China campaign. For ambient aerosol, the diurnal patterns of single scattering albedo (SSA) and asymmetry(More)
The relative humidity (RH) dependence of aerosol light scattering is an essential parameter for accurate estimation of the direct radiative forcing induced by aerosol particles. Because of insufficient information on aerosol hy-groscopicity in climate models, a more detailed parameter-ization of hygroscopic growth factors and resulting optical properties(More)
Hygroscopic growth of aerosol particles can significantly affect their single-scattering albedo (ω), and consequently alters the aerosol effect on tropospheric photochem-istry. In this study, the impact of aerosol hygroscopic growth on ω and its application to the NO 2 photolysis rate coefficient (J NO 2) are investigated for a typical aerosol particle(More)
Water can be a major component of aerosol particles , also serving as a medium for aqueous-phase reactions. In this study, a novel method is presented to calculate the aerosol liquid water content at high relative humidity based on measurements of aerosol hygroscopic growth factor, particle number size distribution and relative humidity in the Haze in China(More)
  • Ben H. Ben-Mabrouk, L. Benov, +186 authors M. Manzanera
  • 2016
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