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Throughout 65 normal singleton pregnancies 332 blood samples were obtained and analyzed for pregnancy-specific β1 glycoprotein (SP1) and human placental lactogen (HPL). The measurement of SP1 in maternal serum was made using radial immunodiffusion, that of HPL by using radioimmunoassay. There was wide variation in the number and timing of blood samples(More)
In the assessment of response to treatment of ovarian cancer patients, clinical examination is unreliable in detecting small tumor masses. The second-look laparotomy is therefore an accepted procedure. The optimal timing of second-look laparotomy, however, is uncertain. We therefore examined the usefulness of serial serum CA-125 estimations in the timing of(More)
The recent availability of thermoelectrically cooled pulsed and continuous wave quantum and inter-band cascade lasers in the mid-infrared spectral region has led to significant improvements and new developments in chemical sensing techniques using in-situ laser absorption spectroscopy for plasma diagnostic purposes. The aim of this article is therefore(More)
Cis-diammine dichloro platinum (II) (CDDP), is a highly potent antineoplastic agent that is used in the treatment of ovarian cancer. However, the clinical use of CDDP is restricted by its severe side effects. In order to reduce these side effects and to enhance its therapeutic efficacy, we developed specific immunoconjugates consisting of the murine(More)
Am Modell Humanalbumin/Humanalbumin-Antiserum wurde die Eignung der Überwanderungselektrophorese zur quantitativen Bestimmung von Antigenbindungen im Antigen-Antikörper-Komplex nachgewiesen. Die Antigenbindung wurde bei verschiedenen Antiseren in Versuchen mit wenigen γ Antigen und wenigen Tausendstel Kubikzentimeter Antiserum mit einer den anderen(More)
V. Koptev,1 M. Büscher,2 H. Junghans,2 M. Nekipelov,1,2 K. Sistemich,2 H. Ströher,2 V. Abaev,1 H.-H. Adam,3 R. Baldauf,4 S. Barsov,1 U. Bechstedt,2 N. Bongers,2 G. Borchert,2 W. Borgs,2 W. Bräutigam,2 W. Cassing,5 V. Chernyshev,6 B. Chiladze,7 M. Debowski,8 J. Dietrich,2 M. Drochner,4 S. Dymov,9 J. Ernst,10 W. Erven,4 R. Esser,11,* P. Fedorets,6 A.(More)
The considerably higher power and wider frequency coverage available from quantum cascade lasers (QCLs) in comparison to lead salt diode lasers has led to substantial advances when QCLs are used in pure and applied infrared spectroscopy. Furthermore, they can be used in both pulsed and continuous wave (cw) operation, opening up new possibilities in(More)
u n b e k a n n t e Stoffe, die des A u s k e i m e n der K o n i d i e n yon Claviceps p u r p u r e a hemmen4) . Fiir U n t e r s u c h u n g e n an S o l a n u m d u l c a m a r a w u r d e n Achsen, ]31~tter, Bl f i t ens t~nde u n d Frf ich te der Pf lanze y o n e inem S t a n d o r t in der N i h e yon B r a u n s c h w e i g i m Ju l i ges ammel t ,(More)
In einer prospektiven Studie wurde der Effekt einer Clomiphen-Citrat-Stimulation in den Zyklen untersucht, in denen imprägnierte Eizellen, die im Rahmen der In-vitro Fertilisation kryokonserviert worden waren, aufgetaut und transferiert wurden. Die Implantationsraten, bezogen auf die Zyklen, betrugen für 50, 100 und 0 mg (Kontrollgruppe) 7/58, 10/43 und(More)