Norbert Kunert

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Tropical tree plantations usually consist of a single exotic fast growing species, but recent research describes positive effects on ecosystem functions from mixed tropical tree plantations. In this review, we present the current knowledge of drought resistance of tropical mixed species plantations and summarize preliminary evidence from a tree biodiversity(More)
In tropical forests, co-occurring woody monocot and dicot species adapted different water use strategies highly depending on their investment in the hydraulic conduit properties. We studied the hydraulic efficiency of palms and broad-leaved tropical tree species from a moist tropical lowland forest in the Central Brazilian Amazon. Therefore, we harvested 34(More)
Daily xylem sap flux values (daily Js) and maximum xylem sap flux values (max Js) from 125 tropical trees from different study sites in the Neotropics were compared. A cross species and study site relationship was found between daily and maximum values. The relationship can be expressed as daily Js=6.5x max Js. The geometrical relationship between the(More)
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