Norbert Kroó

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We present experimental evidence of the generation of few-cycle propagating surface plasmon polariton wavepackets. These ultrashort plasmonic pulses comprised of only 2-3 field oscillations were characterized by an autocorrelation measurement based on electron photoemission. By exploiting plasmonic field enhancement, we achieved plasmon-induced tunnelling(More)
Evanescent fields of surface plasmon polaritons (SPP) above metal surfaces can reach 1-2 orders of magnitude higher, nearly atomic field strengths in comparison to the relatively weak exciting laser fields of a femtosecond Ti:sapphire laser oscillator. We used these high plasmonic fields to study the characteristic SPP phenomena of intense field optics(More)
The aim of this report is to look at the role of science, technology and innovation policies from the perspective of the national policy process and to offer certain conclusions for the tasks related to the progress toward a knowledge-based society and economy in the European union. Three different national innovation systems (NIS) are presented on the(More)
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