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In binary tomography, the goal is to reconstruct binary images from a small set of their projections. However, especially when only two projections are used, the task can be extremely underdetermined. In this paper, we show how to reduce ambiguity by using the morphological skeleton of the image as a priori. Three different variants of our method based on(More)
Reconstruction of binary images from their projections is one of the main tasks in many image processing areas, therefore determining the computational complexity of those problems is essential. The reconstruction complexity is highly dependent on the requirements of the image. In this paper, we will show that the reconstruction is NP-complete if the(More)
Algebraic methods for image reconstruction provide good solutions even if only few projections are available. However, they can create noisy images if the number of iterations or the computational time is limited. In this paper, we show how to decrease the effect of noise by using median filters during the iterations. We present an extensive study by(More)
In this article we study the uniqueness of the reconstruction in a special class of 4-connected hv-convex images, using two projections and the so-called morphological skeleton. Generally, if just the two projections are given, there can be exponentially many hv-convex 4-connected images satisfying them. Knowing the morphological skeleton in addition, we(More)
In binary tomography, the goal is to reconstruct binary images from a small set of their projections. This task can be underdetermined, meaning that several binary images can have the same projections, especially when only one or two projections are given. On the other hand, it is known that a binary image can be exactly reconstructed from its morphological(More)
Short description: The goal of the project is to develop efficient image reconstruction methods to gain visual information from incorrect, noisy, uncertain projections. We also investigate how structural or geometrical prior information can facilitate an improve the reconstruction if the number of projections is insufficent to get a unique and exact(More)