Norbert Grewe

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Under ether anesthesia electrocardiograms were derived from Syrian hamsters (strain BIO 8262) suffereing from cardiomyopathy and muscular dystrophy. In addition, ventricular weights and body weight were determined. Young hamsters-not yet showing morphological signs of the cardiomyopathy with the exception of possible left ventricular(More)
BACKGROUND Recombinant adenoviruses are highly efficient gene transfer vehicles but their administration to mammals is accompanied by a strong inflammatory response. The present study reports additional side effects observed during adenoviral gene transfer studies in rabbits. METHODS Hematological and serological parameters, the course of viremia and the(More)
Noninvasive tools to quantitate transgene expression directly are a prerequisite for clinical gene therapy. We established a method to determine location, magnitude, and duration of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) receptor (LDLR) transgene expression after adenoviral gene transfer into LDLR-deficient Watanabe hypercholesterolemic rabbits by following tissue(More)
In hamsters of differing ages suffering from a hereditary myopathy and cardiomyopathy (strain BIO 8262), the electrolytes sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium in serum, and several tissues were compared with appropriate controls. The determinations of the electrolytes were performed by atomic absorption spectrophotometry. An enormous accumulation of(More)