Norbert Gortz

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Speech prediction is extensively based on linear models. However, components generated by nonlinear effects are also contained in speech signals, which is neglected using linear techniques. This paper presents long-term nonlinear predictor based on second-order Volterra filters that is shown to be superior to linear long-term predictor with only a minimal(More)
In this contribution we utilize an optimal estimation approach for error-resilient transmission of compressed images over AWGN channels. In contrast to other methods, we mainly rely on the implicit residual redundancy inherent in the subband images and the bit-reliability information at the channel output for error protection. It is shown that by including(More)
ZERO-REDUNDANT CHANNEL ERROR DETECTION IN CELP SPEECH-CODING Norbert Gortz Institute for Network and System Theory University of Kiel, Germany Tel.: +49 431 77572 406, Fax: +49 431 77572 403 e-mail: ABSTRACT In this paper a new algorithm is described for selective detection and handling of speech codec parameters which were corrupted(More)
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