Norbert Gerfelder

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In the context of multimedia and hypermedia systems, the aspect of including mobile links to a stationary infrastructure and the use of mobile data terminals are gaining increasingly in importance. The current advancements of hardware, software, and telecommunications technology allow multimedia systems to be implemented in mobile environments.(More)
The metaphor of a 'desktop' as a user interface was useful for the migration from mainframe applications to personal computers. But it must be re-evaluated when thinking about new concepts and implementations of user interfaces for modern working and home environments, especially mobile applications. The departure from tools that enable the user to directly(More)
The areas of television, telecommunication, and information technology are converging, new application areas are arising and new services are being established. Aside from the traditional delivery channels, computer networks play an increasing role in providing the new services. An important part of these services is based on video. However, in order to(More)
Multimedia applications, until now, are more or less based on stand-alone computer systems. In conjunction with the use of different delivery channels these systems are getting more and more distributed. The extended use of the Internet as well as the introduction of digital video delivery offer the opportunity to establish new services. Especially in this(More)
Due to the heavy increase of the use of computer networks for both commercial and academic use, network-based applications are nowadays a topic of major interest. Adding video and audio to computer applications and their use in computer networks has specific requirements on the quality issue. In the area of computer-based and distributed applications we are(More)
-As image communication is a major issue today for more and more application areas, harmonization is needed. Only if information about existing standards and new activities, their interrelationships, and their usage is available and accessible, there will be the possibility to develop new, future proof standards and products in the area of image(More)
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